At SANTICLER, style and sustainability go hand in hand—we make it our mission to offer fashion enthusiasts a unique alternative to what is currently available in the marketplace. Santicler's parent company Iconoclast Studio Inc is committed to circular design principles and creating apparel using easy to care for, nontoxic fabrications from renewable resources, recyclable and biodegradable.

Finding the right mills and factories with the right materials and standards takes a lot of dedication and research. It’s our mission to find industry professionals and suppliers that share the same goal as we do. We found partners that share our values, including: respect for employees, limiting environmental impact, and a long-term vision of zero waste manufacturing.

At our small factory in the Transylvania region of Romania, everyone feels like family. Through our close partnership with the owners, we are changing the narrative of apparel production. Instead of manufacturing large quantities and selling only a portion, we produce and fulfill small run orders using non-toxic materials based on specific demand - eliminating excess and waste.

Each one of the carefully selected Italian yarn fabric mills we work with guarantees sustainable and ethical practices. Since 1924, the Zegna Baruffa Mill has worked to establish a global renaissance of change through their modern production line. In addition, our partner, Linea Più Mill, is dedicated to researching and establishing standards for human health protection across their mills and their own supply chain.

Our prices are a direct reflection of the materials, integrity, and workmanship of each garment. If you have additional questions, please contact us at