Iconoclast Studio is committed to circular design principles and creating apparel using easy to care for, nontoxic fabrications from renewable resources, recyclable and biodegradable.

The heart of this venture is to develop an innovative fashion platform focused on manufacturing high quality product, of lasting value and versatile use when needed and as needed. We strongly believe that a truly sustainable venture begins with mindful production and the elimination of excess inventories.

The launch of Santicler Collection represents the first step towards a list of very ambitious, long term goals. We are excited to share our journey with you, listen to your constructive feedback and strive to do better.


LATE SPRING 2019 – introduce our new Santicler t-shirt category. We cannot wait to share with you the incredible fabrications we have sourced in the past few months.

SUMMER 2019 – launch the Craftsman collection. An assortment of hand-crafted accessories with urban aesthetic, made by incredible women in remote regions of Transylvania.

FALL 2019 – introduce our customizable pre-order collection. All preordered items will be ready to ship just in time for the holidays.

LATE 2019 – initiate the buy-back program for all Santicler products. We design each and every product with a second-life perspective and we look forward to sharing our full intention and recycling plan with you.

LATE 2019 - launch partnerships and collaborations with environmental groups and engage in holiday mindful giving initiatives.

Iconoclast Studio and its founding team share the vison and creed of “Be the change you want to see it the world.”