Our Mission: Why we do what we do?

At SANTICLER, style and sustainability go hand in hand. We make it our mission to offer fashion enthusiasts a unique alternative to what is currently available in the marketplace. SANTICLER offers superior quality products of lasting value and versatile use, when needed and as needed. We strongly believe that a truly sustainable venture begins with mindful production and the elimination of excess inventories. We are committed to circular design principles and creating apparel using easy to care for, nontoxic materials from renewable resources and with the lowest environmental impact.

By combining our CEO’s European roots and her passion for craftsmanship with the minimalism and functionality of modern design, SANTICLER is pioneering a future-forward brand that will change how ready-to-wear clothes are designed, manufactured and sold. We are dedicated to crafting luxury garments that outlasts trends and seasons while having a minimal impact on the planet and benefiting all people at every stage in the process.

Our seasonal capsule collections represent the first steps towards a list of very ambitious, long term goals. We are excited to share our journey with you, listen to your constructive feedback and strive to do better.