At SANTICLER, we want your luxury knitwear to feel and perform at their absolute highest level for years and years to come. That’s why we use carefully selected, raw materials meant to elevate your wardrobe and guarantee longevity— making it feel great and easy to care for.


We purchase our incredibly soft cashmere yarn from Filatura Papi Fabio in Italy. The family owned mill has been known for its quality products for more than 100 years. Papi Fabio has numerous sustainability certifications, the Detox Greenpeace and Global Recycled Standard among them.


Our go-to ultrafine merino wool is ethically sourced and spun by the famed Italian mill Tollegno 1900. Using extra-long natural fibers of pure wool that are finished in the mill’s modern laboratory, the yarn becomes a breathable, elastic, and uncrushable luxurious material with high performance properties.


Our washable viscose yarn is made entirely of traceable and renewable raw materials, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The fine yarn is spun at one of Italy’s top mills that invests in innovative research and aims to protect human health at every step of the manufacturing process. Our viscose looks amazing, feels great and is machine washable and fully biodegradable.


The luxurious jersey used in our t-shirt collection is purchased from a Blue Sign Portuguese partner mill. Our fabric is GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified. The material is finished using non-toxic, reduced water dyeing process.


The bottom portion of our bodysuits is made of high performance, extra-light jersey, developed for breathability and used by some of the most prestigious lingerie brands. The fabric comes from a leading performance fabrics Italian mill and is certified by the SensitivEcoSystem® program, making sure the material’s environmental impact is kept at a minimum and no harsh dyes and toxic finishes were used in the making.


SANTICLER always wants to ensure you get the most out of your experience in our easy-to-care garments. Each item is created for every activity in mind, from your new travel sweater for in-flight comfort to the lux bodysuit for a night out, we strive to inform you of the proper and sustainable maintenance for every garment. On each product page, we provide a thorough and easy-to-use guide, showing how to love your new luxury item.